Grow with CN2 Ventures

Grow with CN2 Ventures

We invest in bold concepts and strong leaders. We have a knack for elevating simple concepts into breakthrough brands that spark consumer obsession.



We invest in people, first. We treat our partners like family and seek motivated founders with strategic vision. Whether you have an MBA or are a self-taught expert, we only care that you meet challenges with zest and embrace the adventure ahead.

A spirit of innovation. CN2 Ventures does not require minimum annual revenues. We seek extraordinary ideas with staying power. We look beyond trends and conversation starters – rather, we ask if a concept is worth an entire conversation. From the whimsical to nostalgic, we are drawn to brands that have established consumer trust, loyalty and fervor.

A Mom & Pop approach. In our early 30s, we quit our jobs and sunk our savings into an “impossible” idea. We get it. We are entrepreneurs ourselves who have obsessed over logos, cut payroll checks and grown alongside our vendors. We treat our partner brands like ones we founded ourselves, respecting your origin story and the people who helped create it. Our hands-on approach and patient capital set us apart. We only invest when we believe we can add value.

A venture studio model. We’re experts so you do not have to be. Our team’s deep experience and network of resources can help with:

  • Branding, Design & Creative
  • Marketing, PR, Social Media & Product Placement
  • Product Development & Material Sourcing
  • Strategy & Planning
  • Research-Based Market Analysis
  • Working Capital & Collective Savings